Home & School Association

Home & School Association

Our Home & School Association is vital to the success of our school!

Together we work for the benefit of students and teachers!

To get involved, contact Erin Becquet at


Executive Members 2021-2022 

     President- Mary Beth Dorsch 

     Vice Preident-Christine Rhoades 

     Secretary-Angela Balog 

     Treasurer- Erin Becquet 

     Homeroom Parent- Kristy Knobloch & Kate Smith 

     Nominating- Lindsey McCoy 

     Student Enrichment- Jenny Damin 

     Public Relations- Jen Saxion & Kristy Knobloch 

     Membership- Renee Columbus 

     Fundraising- Annalisa McCann & Karen Lee Holtz 

     Red/White Sale- Ashley Cassol


Meeting Minutes