Home & School Association

Home & School Association

The Holy Name Home and School Association is our version of a parent-teacher organization which is designed to enrich our children’s lives with activities and opportunities throughout the school year. Our organization has been able to provide significant monies to our technology program to allow us to stay current in this ever-changing world. Each year we strive to provide educationally enriching programs as well, such as author visits, interactive maps for the students to explore, and educational programs to enhance the science curriculum. We also recently have been providing opportunities for the students to complete projects or crafts that can help others in our community that are in need or those we want to show our thanks and appreciation for. In addition to these, we also make it a priority to express how grateful we are to the fantastic faculty and staff at Holy Name by providing them with some materials for their classrooms and also with some delicious meals every now and then! 

We also assist the Holy Name parish who so graciously provides financial support in order to help offset some of the costs of running such a successful school. It is always our goal to find fundraisers that are well-received by the school. The Healthy Hawk Walk is our primary fundraiser each year with excellent participation by families and businesses in our community.  

Executive Members 2022-20223

     President- Maribeth Dorsch 

     Vice President-Ashley Cassoll

     Secretary-Angela Balog 

     Treasurer- Sharon Dubovecky

     Homeroom Parent- Kristy Knobloch and Jenny Konchan

     Nominating- Chrissy Rhoades

     Student Enrichment- Jenny Damin 

     Public Relations- Jen Saxion 

     Membership- Nicole Eckenrode

     Fundraising- Annalisa McCann and Karen Holtz 

     Red/White Sale- Amanda Smith


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